Summer Classes in Sustainable Food and Farming at UMass

The University of Massachusetts Sustainable Food and Farming Program is offering several opportunities for students to gain college credit this summer, both online and face-to-face.

PLSOILIN 100 – Botany for Gardeners (4 credits – online only) GenEd (BS); is a class on the science of plant growth, using world food production, our favorite foods, and backyard gardening as the framework for study.   Click here.


PLSOILIN 185 – Sustainable Living (4 credits –  online only) GenEd (I);  introduces you to diverse global perspectives and practical personal solutions related to environmental, economic and social sustainability. Click here


PLSOILIN 290C – Land Use Policies and Agriculture in the U.S. (3 credits –  online only); provides students with an opportunity to explore the political, economic and societal forces that influence land use decisions, an understanding of the history of land use policies and planning in the U.S. as they relate to agriculture. Click here.


PLSOILIN 390E – Praxis in Sustainable Food and Farming (1 credit, online only); an opportunity for students to integrate practical experience and theoretical learning.  Weekly online reflections focused on experiences from a practicum, internship, work or volunteer experience taken in conjunction with this one-credit class.  Click here.


PLSOILIN 397C – Community Food Systems (3 credits – mostly online, with one Saturday field trip); examines the movement of food from seed to table. Participants in the course explore local and global food systems, and specific food related issues that impact health of communities. Click here.


PLSOILIN 398P – Permaculture (4 credits) includes in-class lectures, field trips and a hands-on field component at the Montview Neighborhood Farm, to offer students a foundation in permaculture history, ethics, principles, design process, and techniques.  Click here.



These classes are part of the Sustainable Food and Farming Series.  A UMass Certificate may be earned by the successful completion of 15 credits of approved courses in this series.  For information, contact Dr. John M. Gerber at;

To learn more about other online courses that meet the requirements of the UMass Sustainable Food and Farming Certificate or the Bachelor of Science Program, see:

To go directly to the CPE web page to register, click here.

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